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Airnergy and Renewables, Inc. focuses on Wind, Solar, Small Hydro and Biomass Power Plants Solutions and Services offering include the following:

  • Energy Project Development

Pre-development liaisons with concerned national and local government units Assist in securing service contracts

  • Energy resource measurement and analysis

Installation of meteorological masts, weather stations, and other applicable energy measuring equipment using certified state of the art measuring devices, Energy data monitoring, resource reporting and analysis.

  • Site study

To analyze energy density and net energy for any kind turbine and/or energy conversion equipment

  • Technical feasibility

Capacity assessment and optimization, Grid impact, facilities study and connectivity, equipment layout, deployment logistics and design

  • Financial Viability

Financial Modelling and analysis

  • Social Engineering

(Help make projects acceptable to host communities). Assist in lease/purchase of land for project sites and/or right of ways.


  • Engineering, Designing and Estimating

All disciplines of engineering; Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Environmental engineering, Cost estimating and, others as necessary; Cost effective and efficient designs.

  • On site project supervision and monitoring

(As owner’s representative and work engineers) Review of design and as built drawings.

  • Construction, Erection and Installation

Roads, Foundations, buildings, towers, transmission line, distribution line and substation construction, Equipment erection and installation.

  • Commissioning and testing of complete facilities

  • Operations and Maintenance

Reliability focused operations and Condition based maintenance to assure guaranteed performance and availability.

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Overall project responsibility

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